Rediscovering Richard III — April 20, 2016

Rediscovering Richard III

Historic Musings

Statue This iconic statue of Richard III originally stood in the Castle Gardens in Leicester. It was commissioned in 1980 by the Richard III Society, but was moved in 2014 to stand in front of the Richard III Visitor Centre.

As someone who works in heritage but also loves to visit and enjoy it, my time off often has the feel of a busman’s holiday. This Easter was no exception.  As well as visiting a local museum and a National Trust property, I also took a trip to Leicester to visit the Richard III Visitor Centre and to see his new tomb in Leicester Cathedral.

Until the public announcement of the discovery of Richard’s body in early 2013, I had little knowledge or interest in him as an individual. Like many people I suspect my view of him was coloured by Shakespeare’s characterisation in his eponymous play, and particularly by Laurence Olivier’s…

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